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With eBenefity, every employee can choose

We offer a whole universe of leisure benefits

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Give your team employee benefits that everyone can choose from. The eBenefits benefit card is packed with opportunities to enjoy a well-deserved break just the way you like it. It’s up to each individual whether they prefer sports, culture, education or whether they prefer to go on holiday in search of benefits.  

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These are broad-spectrum company benefits that can be perfectly tailored to the interests and needs of each employee.

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The free choice of non-monetary benefits in the form of cafeteria is an HR trend. It will not happen that an employee gets an inappropriate benefit, e.g. a non-sporting employee gets a benefit voucher for sports. In such a case, the benefit loses its meaning and motivational component.

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You will become a prestigious sUperemployer who cares about its people and always looks for the best solution for them.

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Relax in sports, improve your fitness, go to yoga, water park, sauna, dance lessons or horse riding.

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Enjoy a proper wellness for benefits, visit one of the traditional Czech spas or enjoy a relaxing massage.

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Go for culture! To the cinema, the theatre, a concert or a museum. 
Or visit a summer festival, zoo, amusement parks, castle or chateau.

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Nurture your health and beauty. Perhaps with vitamins and supplements from the pharmacy, new glasses from the opticians, an hour of relaxation at the beauty salon or finally treat yourself to a longed-for aesthetic makeover.

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Educate yourself. With eBenefity, employees can improve their foreign languages in a language school, take a computer or health course, or complete a driving course. But they can also make themselves happy with a book, start a college degree or perhaps an MBA.

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It is even possible to get a holiday with benefits and discover new countries or the beauty of our country with the offer of many travel agencies and online agencies. It depends on everyone what they prefer, whether a stay by the sea, a sightseeing tour or a long weekend in one of the big cities.

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