Card to have fun with after work

Orders, employee details and invoices can be found directly in the app. Spend your time relaxing.

eBenefity – a modern employees’ cafeteria

Card packed full of benefits for your free time

Thanks to its simplicity, employers can save energy.
With a clear application, the card also helps employees relax.
It brings new customers to partners who accept payment with the eBenefity card and guarantees that they receive their reimbursement within two days.

UP eBenefity

Use it to pay for holidays, sport, culture or books. The range of activities is so wide that you can relax in a different way every day.

A clear conscience and a clean world around us. Everything that used to be printed on paper can now be found on the payment card and in the mobile application.

The mobile application shows you the balance of your points and nearby options to use them. Perfect overview of the available choice for relaxation.

The card supports Apple Pay and Google Pay, which means your payments will be absolutely zen.

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Where are you going to relax today?

Find the nearest place to switch off from work.

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Novinky ze světa moderních benefitů

20. 4. 2023

Add eBenefity to your phone and have them within reach at all times

Paying by phone brings you freedom. Your phone is virtually always with you, so even if you suddenly realize that you left your physical meal, benefit, or All Inclusive card in your other jacket (or purse), you are still able to make payments. Simply, instantly, modernly – and securely. Just use Google Pay or Apple […]

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