Lot of options for relaxation, a card instead of paper vouchers, and perfect overview thanks to the application.

With eBenefity, you really can relax

Simply and clearly

Simply and clearly

The mobile application contains perfect overview of your balance and payments.

A card instead of vouchers

A card instead of vouchers

A regular payment card instead of vouchers, and you can even pay using your phone.

Relax in a different way, every time

Relax in a different way, every time

Overview of our partners can be found on our website and in the application. Pure, unadulterated relaxation.

Customer Login

How does it work?

HR will receive two envelopes

One will contain your login details for the Můj Up application, the other will contain your card.

Collect your card’s PIN

You can find the PIN in the Můj Up application. Collecting your PIN will automatically activate the payment card.

You have perfect overview

All the important information you need can be found in the application – your balance, a partners' locator, and more.

Simple payment

You can also use the card for contactless payments, or use Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Easy and fast searches in the partner network.

You can find out where you can use eBenefits.

Business locator

Would you like to learn more?

    By submitting your data, you allow us to process your personal data to the extent defined on the Personal Data Protection page.

    You can find a lot of interesting information here, too.

    A lost card can be blocked after logging in to Můj Up on the homepage with the card’s name. A new card will be ordered and delivered to your HR Department.

    Click here and login with the name and password you received in the envelope from your employer.

    You can find out when your points expire in the Můj Up application on your mobile phone or on the website in the My Accounts menu in the eBenefity card details.

    With any partners participating in our wide partner network. Take a look at the partners’ locator or look for the sticker with the Up Česká republika logo in our partners’ e-shops. If you don’t see your favourite place on the list, write to us. We will get in touch with them.

    You can find your balance either in your mobile application or personal account on the website.

    Would you like to learn more? Download the document.

      Introduction of eBenefity | An Employee 2. 5. 2023 1 MB Download