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Add eBenefity to your mobile phone and always have them at your fingertips

No need to search for your wallet, pay with your mobile or watch using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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You can pay with your smartphone or watch with Apple Pay and Google Pay,


contactless by simply swiping the benefit card,


or by contact with a PIN.

Plus, you always have your mobile phone or smartwatch with you so you won’t forget your benefit card.

Your employee benefits card works like a regular credit card. Just enter it into your smart device.

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If you pay less than CZK 500, you do not need to enter your PIN. Just light up the display and hold it up to the payment terminal.


For amounts over CZK 500, you can unlock your phone using a password, fingerprint or facial scan.

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You must have a valid email or phone number in Můj Up.

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Do you have an Iphone? Download the free Apple Pay app to your device.

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Do you have Android? Download the Google Pay app.

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Add your Up card information in the selected app. You can either fill in the card information manually or simply take a picture of the benefit card.


Confirm via email or SMS that it is you.

And now you can choose your own benefits within your cafeteria and pay for them instantly with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Treat yourself to a spa with benefits, a cultural experience, a new book, a sports lesson or even a holiday with benefits!

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