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Tax advantage

eBenefits are the most advantageous benefits


Non-cash benefits for employees are also tax-advantaged in 2024, when adjustments and restrictions were made in connection with the so-called “government consolidation package”. However, employers must calculate smartly this year and combine payroll and employee benefit rewards.

Maximize your tax benefits in 2024! The key is a properly set up benefit program that benefits everyone.

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A new annual limit of CZK 21,983.50 has been introduced for leisure time benefits for employees.

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What counts towards the limit? Not only eBenefits, but also e.g. Unišek, Unišek+, Unišek+ FKSP vouchers, MultiSport card, above-standard healthcare, contributions to children’s camps or use of company recreational facilities.

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What does not count towards the limit? For example, refreshments at the workplace, InKarta, Lítačka, company car for personal purposes, life insurance and pension supplement.

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Our Up benefit card will keep an eye on your limit and allow you to set it so that employees don’t exceed it. You don’t have to check or backdate anything. Which is great!


Take care of your team with state-of-the-art cafeteria benefits.

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eBenefity offers a minimum of administration but a maximum range of benefits from which all employees can choose. They can indulge in wellness, theatre, cinema, concerts, a new book, sports or even a holiday!

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Build your image and become a prestigious employer that is a pleasure to work for. You will promote employee satisfaction and loyalty and reduce your recruitment costs.


More advantageous than a salary increase

up benefity

Number of employees

Salary bonus (CZK)

Salary bonus eBenefity (in the same amount)
The employer will pay:
The employer will pay: 669 000 CZK 595 000 CZK
The employee gets:
The employee gets: 7 400 CZK 10 000 CZK
The employer will save money:
The employer will save money: 0 CZK 74 000 CZK
The employee gets extra:
The employee gets extra: 0 CZK 2 600 CZK

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The annual limit for tax-free leisure benefits is set at CZK 21,983.50 in 2024.

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