How do I keep my eBenefity card with me even if I don’t have it with me?

We’re not playing Smart Burner and we’re not going to tell you a fairy tale. We just want to tell you how you can make using eBenefits more enjoyable. Do you have Apple Pay or Google Pay on your phone, tablet or watch?

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If so, don’t forget to load our benefit card. From the moment you do, your device will be a perfect substitute for contactless payments. You can always simply hold the device up to the payment terminal and confirm the payment using your phone’s security features such as facial recognition. You don’t have to carry the card with you or remember its PIN.

You can get started right away. And if you’re not sure how to activate the service, we’re happy to help.

For help adding your eBenefits card to Apple Pay, click HERE and to add your card to Google Pay, watch our video.

To add a card to your phone, you must have a phone or email in Můj Up.


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