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About 60 000 people in the Czech Republic get diabetes every year. And that is not an easy opponent. Diabetes can do a lot, affecting the function of many organs, not to mention the need for constant blood sugar monitoring and insulin injections. To avoid being among the so-called diabetics, get tested by our partners. Your eBenefity card will pay for the test. Don’t put it off, it’s all about time.

test na cukrovku s eBenefity

Aeskulab : 85 sampling points throughout the Czech Republic

You’re close to it almost everywhere in the country – they have 85 collection points! Of course, you can have almost anything that can be read in blood, urine and saliva tested and measured at AeskuLab. But today, to mark Diabetes Monitoring Day, we’re focusing on diabetes.

And because we’re very practical like you, we’ll get straight to the point: Click on the following link to make a reservation. You have a choice of two blood sugar tests, one normal and one in the pregnancy version. Then all you have to do is choose the date, the location, and fill in your contact details. That’s the whole.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, we recommend you read the instructions beforehand about how to prepare for the test, how to eat the day before and other useful information. You will know the results within 2.5 hours of the first blood sample being taken.

DIKa centrum Havířov: The clear choice of Silesian patriots

If you are from Havířov or the surrounding area and want to have clear information about your blood sugar status, your steps may soon lead to Karvinská Street.

You will be in top hands here, because diabetes is one of the main fields of this medical center. But they can help you with many other problems, if you have any.

All you have to do is make an appointment. You have two options: call 599 509 600 or click the button below. This will not only give you the complete contact details for the DIKa Centre, but also a contact form if you prefer to write rather than call.

Take your time and schedule the earliest possible date so that time is on your side

Diabetes is a disease of many faces, it changes over time and sometimes develops very unpleasantly. In addition to an individual approach to each patient, early detection is critical. This is what can make the subsequent treatment quite crucial in your favour.

Life is easier without diabetes and we all have only one health. So may yours serve you as long as possible. 💕


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