Neon Run: 5 kilometres full of neon and bright colours

Have you ever had your head spinning from the different lights and colours while running? That it’s somehow too much movement at once? The Neon Run is definitely not an ordinary race. It’s more of a party, fun for the whole family. And you can pay the entry fee with the eBenefits cafeteria.

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Neon Run is a night run full of coloured lights, neon zones of different colours and runners with their own light bars and accessories. These are, of course, included in the starter pack and will definitely enhance your whole colourful experience along with the other glowing gadgets. If even that’s not enough, you can beautify yourself with UV paints that will even make your face glow under the right light. The facepainters you’ll find backstage will be happy to paint you with these paints. There, you’ll also be able to get a temporary tattoo or buy a few last-minute neon lights and wristbands for yourself or the kids, which you should definitely bring along. There can be up to three in a family team with one adult, at any age.

This year’s race, the fifth, will be held at Vypich in Prague and as always, it’s much more about having a good time than it is about location. Feel free to walk the entire route or roll barrels and enjoy the big light party. The whole family will have fun, including grandparents who will find just cheering a treat.

Aside from the run, you’ll be able to have a good dance in the area thanks to the constant DJ accompaniment, take pictures with all the colorful lights and neon, and simply enjoy yourself.

A unicorn medal and after party await all race participants at the finish line!

Neon Run will take place on 29th August in Prague in the area of Obora Hvězda. You can register online at until 25 August or in writing on the day of the race.

The capacity of the race is 4 500 runners.


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