On the bike with the wind at your back and eBenefity in your pocket

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Confirmed: the bicycle is the fastest means of transport for journeys up to 3 km. You can ride it to work, to a meeting or on a trip. No refuelling, no complicated parking, no self-service, healthy – and cheap. Yes, all 3 of our cycling partners today accept the eBenefity card.

na kolo s eBenefity

With Nextbike comfortably around the cities of the Czech Republic

City bikes from Nextbike Czech Republic can be borrowed in a total of 25 cities in almost the entire Czech Republic after paying the subscription fee.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Check if Nextbike is available in your city
  • Register via the app or on the website to ride in a specific city
  • At the Nextbike station, unlock the bike via the app and a QR code (or by phone if you don’t have a smartphone)
  • Go where you need to go…
  • … and then you return the bike to the official station, and secure it.

There’s probably no more convenient and faster option for personal transport around Prague city centre…

Urban cycling in pink

If you prefer pink to blue and want to ride with a handy basket on the handlebars, try Rekola.

Registering, borrowing and returning Rekolo is ridiculously easy (and very similar to the aforementioned Up partner). All you need is the Rekola app and a QR code reader on your phone.

Kola You have available every week, Brně, Českých Budějovicích, Olomouci a Bratislavě. There everywhere you have a great opportunity to lightly work in your condi – and quietly just a little bit, so every day.

Cycle shop and service for athletes

We don’t have to convince you to use city bikes anymore, but you already have your own? You may find professional service or advice useful. If you live within commuting distance of Kadana, turn to Mírové náměstí, where you will find Jízdní kola Hnízdil.
Everyone can choose from a wide range of bicycles, electric bikes, scooters, bicycle equipment and accessories. Including children. As far as service is concerned, your pet will be in the best hands at Hnízdil. A joke is the price variants of service according to the level of your “cycling fanaticism”.

Before you go for it, we recommend checking out the cycling ten commandments as presented on the Nextbike website. But it applies universally.

We wish you a safe journey and the wind at your back!


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