To the LEGO® Museum with eBenefity – bring out the creativity in your children

If your kids love the legendary Danish building blocks, this will be a hit: the eBenefits card will open the door to all 5 LEGO® museums you can find across the country. You can look forward to 6,751 original sets and models, including rarities, some of which are literally works of art. And look out, each branch of the LEGO Museum has its own play area for young and old alike.

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Miloš hamstered LEGO® so much that he opened a museum

Miloš Křeček is the “Czech Mr. LEGO®” who, as a collector, has collected over 1,000 original models in his lifetime (he has been building with LEGO since he was 5 years old). In order to be able to move at home, he and his wife decided to start a private LEGO museum. His collection is now the largest in the world. And with eBenefits, it’s within your reach.

You can visit LEGO Museum branches in a total of 5 cities across the country in:

  • Praha: it is the largest of all the branches and contains the most exhibits, over 3,000
  • Kutná hora: where you can stay at the LEGO® Hotel
  • Poděbrady: the local shop is a gold mine for LEGO® figure collectors and those interested in spare parts
  • Špindlerův Mlýn: Here you will find, for example, models of the local White Bridge or the Svatý Petr ski resort.
  • Jeseník: directly on the premises of the Jeseník Spa

Take the fun home with you

After you’ve marvelled at all the amazing exhibits, there’s no need to rush home – even if it’s after museum closing time. In addition to play areas for children, all branches have a well-equipped shop for LEGO fans big and small. There, in addition to the currently sold LEGO® sets, you can also buy limited editions and collector’s rarities that are hard to find elsewhere. Or for outrageous prices.

The last piece of the puzzle

If you’ve read this far, something tells us that as far as your next family day is concerned, it’s already decided.
If so, don’t let the day be spoiled by waiting in line (interest is traditionally high) and buy your tickets now. And as always, you’ll pay for them with your card eBenefity. Click on the button to select the branch of the LEGO Museum you want to visit.


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